Sudbury Learning Lab
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Tutoring Services

The Sudbury Learning Lab offers a wide variety of tutoring services, with options for on-site or
in-home tutoring.  Our one-of-a-kind lesson plans will be specifically designed to meet your child’s
needs: Whether your child is just learning to count, or struggling with their college essay, we can
build a tutoring curriculum to help them excel.

Please contact us for details on our diagnostic tests and academic plans.

In-Home Tutoring

    We understand the many time demands on families these days.  For your convenience, 
    we are happy to drive to you, and provide your child with in-home tutoring.

On-Site Tutoring

    Located in north Sudbury, the Sudbury Learning Lab provides a distraction free environment 
    where students can reap the full benefit of our one-on-one tutoring.

    Please contact us for information on rates and scheduling. 

Math Tutoring

     Difficulties in trigonometry can often be due to knowledge gaps in algebra or arithmetic.  
    Our diagnostic tests can help pin-point and correct these deficiencies.   We are experienced 
    in tutoring people with a wide range of skill levels, from the basics of counting to calculus; we 
    can develop a program appropriate for your child.

Reading Tutoring

    A solid foundation in reading is essential to excelling in nearly all academic subjects.  Reading 
    comprehension difficulties may manifest as academic related stress and even lead to poor self 
    confidence.  Dr Elizabeth’s unique diagnostic tests and teaching style will help your child reach 
    their full academic potential.

SAT Prep

    The Sudbury Learning Lab is experienced in tutoring for all of the major standardized tests, 
    such as the SAT’s and Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  Let us help you boost your score on 
    the SATs and make you a more competitive college applicant!

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